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ClubMurder's Gaming song 'King of the Kill' Lyric Video has dropped. 


ClubMurder's Members are clearly all greatly influenced by gaming as they release a music video revolving around lots of gaming nostalgia, stress, humour, game references and frustrating error messages that most 90s kid have experienced.

Its Heavy, humorous  and involves Video Games, sounds like the complete package  

Viral Official Music Video 

Out Now!

Our take on how humanity is overly consumed by the manipulative mass media machine. Addressing how it influences everyday routines and keeps people's general perspective within an illusion. Reflecting on events which shaped the band and which are also observable within society, the concept of the video is a culmination of shared experiences and their resulting consequences.


Massacre Masterpiece Launch Party

It's time to launch this Massacre. We will be releasing our latest studio album and you can get your copy and party with us at the Garage.

We will have several special offers for the night.
This is gonna be a Masterpiece

Entrance - €10.00
Entrance + New Album - €15.00
Entrance + New Album + T shirt - €25.00

ClubMurder hit the studio

Early preproduction for the new album started late 2018 with the band focusing their energy on the next instalment of sonic mayhem. Amidst several live performances and a change in the band formation, lots of experimentation and frenzied jamming lead up to the 2019 SpineSplitter Studio sessions. While evolving a new, more focused vocal direction, ClubMurder were able to showcase their raw elements which were skilfully captured and masterfully assembled into the monster that is Massacre Masterpiece.

A reverberating theme throughout the album is that of social angst and the rejection of conformist and populist ideals, followed up by a crushing and unforgiving retaliation. Full to the brim with furious energy, ClubMurder drops the bomb with their latest collection of controlled chaos.


Wenzu takes the lead role


ClubMurder would like to announce some very recent developments, and a line-up revision seeing Wenzu take the lead role as the sole front man, while ClubMurder part ways with their long time friend and vocalist Digby due to personal commitments and other projects.

It has been a long and fun ride this far, but unfortunately all good things come to an end, and this shift makes way for a heavier and more violent chapter for the band!

New Merch in Stock, Get it Now!

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The Farsons Beerfestival 2018

Clubmurder headline The Farsons Beerfestival 2018 Rockstage for the second yr in a row. This is the yearly event when clubmurder take it to another level.
An hour and a half of controlled chaos. A setlist consisting of tracks from their 10 yr old "...Where Everybody Dies" album to their entire 2017 selftitled album, with a few clubmurderised cover versions like "Aerosmith - Walk this way", "Queen - We will Rock you" and "Pantera's I'm broken" as a tribute to the Great Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.
As always expected alot of alcohol related tracks like Joe's Song and Puke. A night of beer, Energy & laughs sprinkled with a pinch of Violence always seems to be the right recipe for these guys. Monday night at 23:00 wont stop this insane crowd.
the place was packed and full of energy, beers jugged, moshpits all throughout the set and a wall of death, surprising a few locals who havent ever experienced live metal shows at the Farsons beerfest. It was quite a sight

2017 Germany Tour


Winter 2017, ClubMurder took off for Germany along with fellow local Metalcore artists Align the Tide to give europe a small taste of some home grown Metal.


Uniting with German death metal band Dying Humanity, the rag tag team set off on their tour taking their show to Erfurt, Hamburg and Leipzig sharing the stage with many other German local bands, in what can be described as a very heavy booze filled, metal injected road trip to hell and back.


Being satisfied performing on german soil, the band set off immediately on their final leg of the tour to headline a small festival in Prague. After days of empty bottles, sore necks and cigarette burns , the band headed back to home ground, immediately in the studio, keeping the momentum going, working on brand new material for their 2019 album.


Expect a lot more ear busting and violent mosh pits from Clubmurder in the very near future!

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