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" Spewing twisted metal tunes since early 2005 and bringing five seasoned noisemakers to the stage sending audiences into a groovy frenzy, ClubMurder continues to hammer out more sonic terrorism from the small Mediterranean island of Malta with no signs of slowing down in sight. "

Having a reputation of butchering any situation, ClubMurder takes to the stage and delivers a spine splitting, adrenaline pumped set that's not for the faint of heart.
Fronted by a maniac with a mic who creates a range of verbal assault Varying from  grizzly growls to raging war cries, backed by colossal rhythm sections, dropping to eight string depths and monster grooves,  completed by surgical scratching and subtle sampling, the end result is nothing short of a pyroclastic flow.


Through the course of many live performances and studio sessions ClubMurder have also released a number of studio albums, and have various official music videos uploaded to YouTube, the more recent creations giving a good idea of how the band has evolved.

Starting off as an experimental project, ClubMurder has now evolved into a well oiled machine with plenty of ammunition loaded and ready to blast off a stage near you real soon.







Dave - Guitars
Steve - Drums
Paul - Bass
Wenzu - Vocals
Keith - Vocals, Electronics

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